120 agents joined TravPax Academy Hong Kong

Huge Success for TravPax Academy Hong Kong with more than 120 agents participating in what now is an institution

TravPax Academy Hong Kong with the participation of Hana Tour attracted over 120 agents & airlines from China, Korea Hong Kong, India & Singapore that came especially to participate in this fantastic evening event taking place in a beautiful location  facing Hong Kong colorful Victoria bay. Numerous new business networks were established during the Academy. Agents were very keen to see what is new in the online world debating on the permanent challenge of improving sales and cutting costs.


Laurent Maytal, Travpax CEO was speaking with agents on our industry “trilogy challenges” and clearly demonstrates how with a cost of one superior staff we are able solve all three:


  • Time To market
  • Product Value
  • Cutting cost

“Service is the key” said Laurent, “The faster your business is able to send and receive information, the better you will be able to take advantage of opportunities. Customers expect fast responses to inquiries as well as regular updates about work in progress. Companies that are unable to provide these facilities run the risk of losing business to competitors who can communicate more promptly”

Migration away from manual operation is the only Solution  Add Laurent,

“By Introducing an automated reservation system with an online selling platform on the one side and an online connection to suppliers on the other side is no longer only about cutting costs and saving money. It is also about how to do things quicker, more efficiently, getting to the market faster, maximizing workforce flexibility and gaining access to the cheapest and most up-to-date rates in the market


The night continued with Hana Tour presenting the potential of online bookings of their inventories via TravPax platform as standalone or as a part of dynamic package through TravPax.

After a succulent dinner and following local customs, high price Lucky draw was organized by Hana Tour with flights, hotels weekend and other Luxurious prizes..


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