TravPax expands marketing force

TravPax, an in-cloud IT and travel distribution company, with its operational headquarters in Bangkok has opened its latest sales office in the Philippines.

According to TravPax CEO, Dror Maytal, the office will pioneer a new business model for the company by recruiting small travel agents to use the company’s newest booking platform TravPax 5, due to roll out mid-2017.

Up until now the company has built its customer base around travel wholesalers and destination management companies in the B2B space who pay a monthly fee to use TravPax 4.4.


It’s a plug and pay system based in-cloud requiring minimal hardware setup and training.

Members tap inventory from 60 suppliers, worldwide, including three airline global distributions systems and some low-cost airlines. It enables travel firms to offer dynamic packaging for the entire travel experience from flights to buying show and attraction tickets.

Maytal calls the new business model, TravPax 360 as it opens the door to small retail agents who are mainly B2C. They will get the system free, but pay a dollar for every booking segment they complete.

TravPax has a staff of six in the Philippines headed by country manager, Buddy Pena, who previously worked for Amadeus.

The TravPax office will focus on sales and marketing, building a network of small agents targeted to reach at least 400 within a year.

The company’s offices in Hong Kong and Australia will follow with the TravPax 360 project and by 2018 the target is to sign up 3,000 agents across Asia and Australia.

TravPax 5 project is in the beta testing stage at present and is due to roll out commercially in the second half of 2017.